Friday, 15 March 2013

Orthotic insoles for comfort

Orthotic insoles can give you the level of support and comfort that will mean you never have to think about getting uncomfortable feet again... more to the point orthotic gel insoles are available with arch support's meaning if you didn't already know that they are able to support your foot in the correct position which isn't flat like many other regular insoles are that come standard in most shoes.

You don't need to compromise on style as well because they are unnoticeable and will not wreck the style, shape of your shes or boots when you wear them.

Another point that i should mention is that orthotics are affordable so being comfy in your shoes doesn't have to empty your wallet.


This being a craft blog and all it would be right for me to mention these without a suggestions on how to make them yourself.. (however orthotic insoles are highly specialized products and you may only be able to make insoles with arch supports)

You will either need a gel insole or regular insole and a mold that fits the shape of the arch of your foot and then simply stick it on the insole.

----i will update this blog post soon with more clear instructions. But in the meantime simplyinsoles has most of the information you probably will need!
I really don't know what on earth this blog should be about.. am i expected to make crafts? like tables..chairs and boxes and give them to people or something? What am i expected to do?

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

This is my crafts blog where you can make stuff yourself

Ever wanted to make something yourself but didn't know how to? I will show you how to make most crafts and stuff on this blog.

Thanks to the rich pigs who own the shares in big company's many of us will have no money soon so it is important to know how to make stuff so we are not reliant on these big company's and can actually get by without spending money HA! THAT WILL SHOE THEM.

I will be showing you how to make different things like shoe lifts and height increasing insoles as well of as a whole bunch of other things too.